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This is the official download gallery for selected top 84 BK songs in below table. Songs on Yaad, Shiv baba’s special geet, songs on Sangam yug, madhuban and atma (soul). Listen from our SoundCloud channel or download the audio song on your PC or phone.

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Atma ke Geet

Song NameListen / Download
Aatma darshan Swayam ka darshanListen ▶/Download ⇓
Atma chintan se hi HogaListen ▶/Download ⇓
Deh nahi mai hu AatmaListen ▶/Download ⇓
Hum hai AatmaListen ▶/Download ⇓
Hum to hai ek AtmaListen ▶/Download ⇓
Jyoti bindu Aatma huListen ▶/Download ⇓
Mastak sinhasan peListen ▶/Download ⇓
Nirmal ho Jeevan ApnaListen ▶/Download ⇓

Baba Milan songs

Song NameListen / Download
Anand Ke PradaataListen ▶/Download ⇓
Bandhlo Prabhu Ko - PadharoListen ▶/Download ⇓
Hasarat-He-Hamari-Baba-Milan-ke-GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Hum Ud Ke Chale JayeListen ▶/Download ⇓
Lo Prabhu Milan Ki Rutu AayiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Mila-Vatan-Ka-Khula-NimantranListen ▶/Download ⇓

Farishta ke Geet

Song NameListen / Download
Chale Farishte Sangam Yug KeListen ▶/Download ⇓
Ek Farishta Aaya HaiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Farishta Roop Rachkar Deh Ka-Anupam Deshpande-Farishto Ke GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Me Hu FarishtaListen ▶/Download ⇓

Madhuban ke Geet

Song NameListen / Download
Is dharti par sabse pawanListen ▶/Download ⇓
Kitna sunder kitna pyaraListen ▶/Download ⇓
Madhuban ke babaListen ▶/Download ⇓
Madhuban ke har ekListen ▶/Download ⇓
Madhuban ke is chaman kiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Madhuban ki Dharni SajakarListen ▶/Download ⇓
Madhuban Me Aaye BhagwanListen ▶/Download ⇓
Meethe se Madhban keListen ▶/Download ⇓
Pawan Pawan Abu Abba Ka VatanListen ▶/Download ⇓

Sangam yug ke Geet

Song NameListen / Download
Apni Anant KiraneListen ▶/Download ⇓
Janmo Ka Hua Yeh Khel - BK MadhusmitaListen ▶/Download ⇓
Aa-Jao-Ladlo-Avyakt-IshareListen ▶/Download ⇓
Aaye Tere Karib - BK SadhanaListen ▶/Download ⇓
Chalo Karein Hum Sair RuhaniListen ▶/Download ⇓
Jeevan Ke Daata Sanson Ke SwamiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Mann Ki Ankhon SeListen ▶/Download ⇓
Mera Baba Aaya HaiListen ▶/Download ⇓
O Sneh Sagar _Shiv ke geetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Prabhu Se Mila Hai JeevanListen ▶/Download ⇓
Teri Panaho Me Palte Hai - Sadhna SaragamListen ▶/Download ⇓
Tum To Yahin Kahin Baba-Sadhna SargamListen ▶/Download ⇓
Tumhara Pyaar O Baba Sukh Ka Saar Deta HaiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Waqt Hai Kam Lambi ManjilListen ▶/Download ⇓
Ye Waqt Jaa Raha HaiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Yogi Bano Gyani BanoListen ▶/Download ⇓
Yugo Me Purshottam YugListen ▶/Download ⇓

Satyug ke Geet

Song NameListen / Download
Jagmag Ho Jagmag Ho - Satyug Ke GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Swarnim Yug Lana Hai - Satyug Ke GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Bharat-Phir-Bharpur-Banega-Satyug-ke-GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Chalo Duniya Ko Swarg - Satyug Ke GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Ghar Ghar me Khushali Hongi- Satyug ke GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Teri Khubsurat Jannat Ka- Satyug ke Geet- BKGSUListen ▶/Download ⇓
Tum Aane Wale Satyug ki Maharani HoListen ▶/Download ⇓
Wah-Baba-Wah-Mann-Khushi-Me-Gaa-Raha-BK-songListen ▶/Download ⇓

Shiv Baba ke Geet

Song NameListen / Download
Brahm-Se-Shiv-Baba-Padhare-BKGSUListen ▶/Download ⇓
Jo Ho Gaya SamarpanListen ▶/Download ⇓
Mere parampita parmatma - AbhijeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Satyam Shivam SundaramListen ▶/Download ⇓
Shiv Anadi Hai Shiv Anant HaiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Shiv Apadaharan Karuna Kripa KaranListen ▶/Download ⇓
Shiv Baba Tumhari Yaad MeListen ▶/Download ⇓
Shiv Shaktiya Aa GaiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Yaad Tumhari Kitni PyariListen ▶/Download ⇓

Yaad ke Madhur Geet

Song NameListen / Download
Brahmakumaris - yaade tumhari Baba deti sukun dil koListen ▶/Download ⇓
Shiv Baba ko Yaad kar - BKGSUListen ▶/Download ⇓
Shiv Ki Yaad RahegiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Tere Vatan Ki Yaad NeListen ▶/Download ⇓
Teri Yaad Ka Amrit Pite HaiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Teri Yaad Me Kho Jau- Shiv Baba ke GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Teri Yaado Mei Mann Sukh PaayeListen ▶/Download ⇓

other songs

Song NameListen / Download
Amrut-Vela-Shuddh-Pavan-HaiListen ▶/Download ⇓
Anand Ke PradaataListen ▶/Download ⇓
Antarman-Me-Jyoti-Jaga-LoListen ▶/Download ⇓
Chalo-Hum-Chale-Paanch-Tatvo-Se-PaarListen ▶/Download ⇓
Hum Ud Ke Chale JayeListen ▶/Download ⇓
Jaana Hai Hame ParamDhaamListen ▶/Download ⇓
Ji Karta Hai Baba Ham-Abhijit-Yog Ke GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Man Panchi Tu Ud jaListen ▶/Download ⇓
Nayi Subah Ki Nayi KiranListen ▶/Download ⇓
Tere Kareeb Aaye-Kavita Krishnamurti-Yog Ke GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
Yehi Hai Tamanna Bane-Yog Ke GeetListen ▶/Download ⇓
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